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About the Company

Prime Business Group is a group of real estate development companies. When running a business in general and the project in particular, we are guided by the European standards and values. Fruitful cooperation with successful business entities in Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Israel, China and the EU has allowed us to create an effective group of companies in Ukraine.

Prime Business Group works on the following conditions:

“fee-development” – the developer receives payment for services from the investor on the terms of the contractual fee;

“speculative (equity) development” – the developer acts as the project owner and accepts risks.

In the context of economic and political instability, the ability of the developer to manage project risks, which includes the timely identification of risks, their quantitative and qualitative analysis, risk planning and management, is taking on growing significance.

As an experienced developer, Prime Business Group minimizes the risks associated with the implementation of a project, helps to avoid mistakes, since it is in constant contact with all participants of the project, coordinates the key decisions with them and provides the reports on the status of the project, compliance with the approved schedule and budget.

Prime Business Group has a constructive function, creates a comfortable environment for business, values ​​its partners and is responsible for the timely and proper fulfillment of its obligations.