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Prime Business Group is a group of real estate development companies. When running a business in general and the project in particular, we are guided by the European standards and values. Fruitful cooperation with successful business entities in Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Israel, China and the EU has allowed us to create an effective group of companies in Ukraine.

Investment Opportunities


Investing in construction of new-built residential, commercial and industrial real estate is one of the best investment options in the current economy, providing high returns for investors and the developer company. The developer knows how to ensure return on investment and multiply the invested capital. Newly-built residential real estate is the most sought-after type of real estate and a high-return investment target. Apartments in newly-built blocks are in high demand, and buying one results in equal amounts of prestige, convenience and profit. Residential real estate is one of the essentials, albeit the most expensive one. A modern residential block is designed with regard to the area infrastructure, transport connections, and nearby natural sites. Therefore, investments into newly-built real estate come with a guarantee of demand and profitability. Being a developer company, Prime Business Group offers investment projects, mainly residential real estate, with a guaranteed sustainable return of 8-10% per annum, and more.

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